Custom Growth Chart Surfboard

In collaboration with SHADED malibu, Tim Ryan is here to create your one of a kind growth chart surfboard. This board features a growth chart down the center for you to record your little ones growth. You can completely customize your board. Not only is this board a keepsake, your little shredder can hit the waves with it as well. Surf’s up!
Each board is a customizable piece of art. Tim will shape and design your child’s board by hand based on your size, shape and color preferences. All boards include a 3 removal future fin system. All boards are polyurethane foam covered with layers of fiberglass cloth and polyester resin. Please allow 4-6 weeks customization and delivery.


Design your own growth chart board! Pick your size, shape and color/art! Send us your ideas and we’ll design it together! We will send you a final price and additional time may apply.


Prices start at $950.00 but final quote will be provided based upon custom options.


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